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Started by norman, Aug 03, 2022, 01:53 PM

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You may get an error message and the program stops.

It may occur immediately after installing a new version of the program or you log onto Windows as a different user. It's due to security in Windows and means that the program was previously installed under a particular user and that's not you!

There are two solutions :-

1. De-install Loadmaster. Browse to C:\\ProgramData\ZiPZAP Computers Limited\ and delete the LOADMASTER folder you find here. You may need to authorise it as ADMINISTRATOR. Re-install Loadmaster. You will have to go into Setup/Local Parameters and complete this again.

OR another method (easier)

2. Go into My Computer then Local Disk C: and the folder ProgramData (not Program Files) and you will find a directory called ZiPZAP Computers Limited. Enter this directory and you will see a folder called LOADMASTER. Right-click on this and choose PROPERTIES. Click on the SECURITY tab. Half way down you will see a button that says EDIT. Click this. You will get a new screen with a list of users. Click on the ADD button. Add a user called Everyone. Hit the CHECK button. It will be accepted. Click on Everyone in the table. Put a tick in Full Control at the bottom and hit the APPLY button. Now OK and come out. You can now access the system as another user.